Greetings and thanks for coming to the PhotoWorld360 website. I am Bob Bauer and I am your host for what I hope will be an interesting and informative journey through the galleries in this site. The purpose of the site is to allow you to come with me to many different places around the world and be able to see them, as I did travelling through them. Many of the places we visit are remote and exotic. There are even three Around the World/Circumnavigation trips taking totally different routes. Best of all, these journeys are free.

My first adventure in photographic travel goes back to 1954, when I had the opportunity to spend three weeks in Hawaii, visiting Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the big island Hawaii. The pictures turned out great and I was hooked. I was the photographer for my college newspaper, and learned a great deal about photography and darkroom practices during that time.

The next several years were consumed by earning a living, starting up several different businesses and helping to raise a family. After 3 million air miles, I said goodbye to being a road warrior and turned my attention to what I really wanted to do, and that was to photograph the world. Starting in 1997 I went on the road to pursue that dream. Fifty-eight countries later the dream lives on (next stop will likely be Scotland and the Scandinavian countries ). Wintertime is spent on Great Exuma Island, Bahamas, which is a photographer’s paradise and has the most beautiful water in the world (according to National Geographic). You can visit Great Exuma in the gallery so named.

I have recently published a new book entitled "Travel Your Way", and it is available on

So let’s go travelling – where would you like to start? Select a gallery and as Willy Nelson sings “we’re on the road again”.

P.S Any feedback about the site would be greatly appreciated (email: or give me a call at (810) 923-2695). Thanks, Bob